Getting your readers to respond to what you are writing is something every good blogger tries hard to do.

Just like when you read a good book or an interesting article, whether it's a positive or a negative one,  it will usually get a response out of you. The same thing is true with reading a good blog post. When I read a good blog post, it creates some sort of response from me.

Here are a few things to help you get a response from your readers.

Getting Your Readers To Respond
  • Write about controversial topics
  • Do more posts about things that you believe strongly about
  • Use personal experiences
  • Write like you are having a conversation with a friend
  • Use words to describe how you feel about certain things

Using these tips should help you get more of a response from your readers. In the long run it will help you to gain loyal followers of your blog.

With your blog you can reach people all around the world, and that opens the door for endless topics to blog about.

How do you get your readers to respond to you? Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by the Bloogle AdSense Blog.

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