Their are a lot of good reasons why you would want to buy your own domain name. Some say you are more likely to show up on the first page of the Google Search Engine. However I have seen a lot of blogs with a Blogspot sub-domain name on the first page results, for some pretty popular key words too.

Another good thing about having your own domain name is that you will have a much shorter web address, which is good because then people are more likely to remember it.

Having your own domain name looks more professional than a sub-domain.

On the other hand a sub-domain name is totally free. Another bonus is, you don't have to worry about all of your personal information being registered out there for telemarketers and junk-mail.

When you purchase a domain name all of your information, like your name, address, and phone number, is published in a directory for anyone to see. However, you can usually purchase a privacy gaurd to protect yourself from prying eyes.

One other benefit of a sub-domain name is you can still pick out a good web address. With the .com domain names, a lot of the good ones have already been taken.

When it comes down to it the choice is yours. I am still using a sub-domain name for this blog, the Bloogle AdSense Blog. It's still less than a year old, but I get pretty good results in the search engines.

Either way you still have to worry about the same things like SEO, posting often, and monetizing your blog. If your blog is only a few weeks old and is showing a lot of promise, you might want to buy yourself a domain name now rather than later on down the road after you have established your blog and are getting good results in the search engines.

A good example of this is my other blog, HCG Diet 411, which I started about 6 weeks ago and had it listed in Google within a week. My HCG Diet 411 Blog did so well the first few weeks that I decided to buy my own domain name now before it started to do any better.

I wanted to build up my new blog under it's own domain name because I already saw how good it was going to do. This isn't typical with every blog though, but if it does do good right out of the gates, then why waste time building back-links and put all of that time into promoting it, just to have to start all over when you do buy your own domain name.

If you do make the choice to wait and then get your own domain name later, the loyal readers that you have will follow you.

Blogger makes it real easy to switch to your own domain name when you are ready. Plus you can still host your blog here for free either way. If you have your sub-domain listed in Google, your new domain will get listed much faster.

The reason this happens is the Google Bot will come back to crawl your blog for new content and it then spots thead new domain name 

I bought my new domain name for $1.00 for the first year through Go Daddy, by purchasing a .info instead of .com. If you are interested in getting your own domain name right now I would suggest getting it through  just follow this link and create a good domain name for your blog.

There is only a few days left for the "Build A Blog Workshop", so make sure you check back with us everyday for more great tips about how to build a successful blog from scratch. Keep working at it and as always, good luck!

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