First, If you haven't set up a Google AdSense Account yet, read this post Get A Google AdSense Account and go do that before anything else.

To maximize your Google AdSense earnings, you have to make sure to place your ads in the right areas of your blog.

First, you want to make sure to use the right formats for your blog. Statistics show that the tall skyscraper ads don't perform well anymore. I would recommend using the large square ads between your posts.

Try to use the same colors for your ads, that you use on your blog. You want your AdSense to blend into your blog.

Most people these days will skip right over banner ads. It's best to stick with text only on all of your ads for now.

If you have a couple of pictures on your blog, place an AdSense ad next to the image and this might help your C.T.R. (Click Through Rate). It should help to draw your visitors attention in that direction.

Keep the ads up toward the top and middle of the page. Using Google's text links by other links on your blog should help you to get more clicks as well.

Try to think outside of the box when it comes to your ad placement. Use your best judgment, put yourself in your visitors shoes, where would you most likely click on an ad if you had just arrived on your blog for the first time.

Avoid click fraud, that means DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN ADS. You will get caught and that will get your account banned for life, from the Google AdSense program. Which could possibly be a lot of money that you would lose out on. Some bloggers earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month with Google AdSense.

For tomorrow's Build A Blog Workshop I will be showing you how to set up an RSS feed for your blog through Feed Burner.

Until then keep working at it, and as always, good luck!

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