If you're a first time blogger, a free blog website is a great way to get started in the blogosphere. Popular blog website hosts like Blogger and Wordpress allow users to set up and host a blog for free, and you don't pay any fees at all. This encourages more and more people to start blogging, because the fact that one of these sites can provide you with all of the tools that you need to get your blog up and running without spending any money, means that you’ve got nothing to lose by starting your own blog. Also nowadays it’s so easy to set up a free blog website, there is really no reason not to.

By signing up with a free blog website, you may find it’s easier to get your site listed in search engines like Google and Yahoo than you would if you were to start your own blog from scratch. This could be because, Google runs the free blog hosting site Blogger and crawls its pages regularly looking for new updates. So by having your new blog site hosted by Blogger you're almost guaranteed to be listed in the Google Search Engine.

This easy access to such a big search engine, like Google, can take some of the work out of promoting your blog. It can also help you gain a lot of followers and with very little marketing. Of course you still must have interesting and unique content, don't think just because you have a Blogger website that you'll automatically get top rankings in the Google search engine, unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Because of the fact that it is possible to use a reliable free blog host like Blogger or Wordpress for your first blog website is great news for bloggers everywhere. That is probably why so many people who have never had a website or any other kind of web presence before, find themselves suddenly drawn to blogging. This Bloogle AdSense Blog was the first blog that I had started. Since then I have started three more blogs, two of which are hosted here on Blogger.

If your blog does attract a large group of readers, you may want to consider moving your site. Many people feel that free blog hosting for your blog site gives it more of an amateur feel to it, which is fine for a new member of the blogosphere, but it’s not so appropriate for a more high profile blog.

However, starting your blog with a free blog website is a great way to build a following before you put any money into your blog. If and when your blog becomes popular and you're ready to take the next step and purchase your own domain, your readers will surely follow you to your new home.

In addition, having your own domain can help make your blog feel a little more professional, and finding a company that will host your domain is not expensive or hard to do. If you're lucky and your blog takes off, you just might be able to sell enough advertising space to afford to buy a domain and pay for a nice hosting package. However, it doesn't make too much sense, in most cases, to invest in these types of things before you have a large number of followers.

Whatever it is you decide to do I wish you the best of luck. Make sure you come back to read more of my posts for tips on blogging and Google AdSense.

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