I have recently been getting a lot of emails from readers who have started a new blog but say that they're frustrated because they haven't started to make any money from their Google AdSense Ads yet and want to know what they're doing wrong! First of all you aren't doing anything wrong, to make money from the AdSense ads on your blog, you must first have a good amount of visitors to your blog everyday. This can actually take a little bit of time and patients. Remember a popular blog doesn't become popular overnight.

I know first hand how aggravating it is to start a new blog. You write a handful of posts, and still you don't have any readers or followers. I have gone through this myself with each one of my blogs. In fact the "Bloogle AdSense" blog that you are reading right now is only about 6 months old and it is just now starting to pick up traffic.

Remember, it can take a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks just to get your blog listed in Google, which is where the majority of your blog traffic will come from. Also, after you get your blog listed you will then have to earn a good ranking within the search engines. For your blog to show up on the 1st page of Google for your blogs category, your blog will have to be well optimized for the search engines (S.E.O.). At the same time it will also have to be something that people want to read. The tricky part is to find a good in between.

Here are some things that you can do to help your blog get noticed by the search engines and to get more people reading your blog as well.
  • Pick an interesting topic: Usually if your blog topic is something that you are interested in, there are probably others out there that are interested in the same thing and these are the people who will become your blog followers.
  • Know your stuff: If you think Basketball is a good topic for a blog, but you think when a player puts the ball in the hoop it's called a touchdown, you should probably choose another topic. If you try to fake your knowledge your readers will know and they will call you on it.
  • Be personal: Try to let your readers know who you are through your blog. You have to make yourself human to your readers, otherwise you are just words on a screen.
  • Comment on other blogs: When you comment on other blogs with your site link in your signature, it creates a link back to your blog and the search engines place a lot of  weight on links.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling: Using good grammar and correct spelling shows your  professionalism and intelligence to your readers, and the search engines like it too.
  • Social Bookmarking: Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like, Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious, technorati, propeller, just to name a few. This will help create more of a web presence for yourself and get some back-links to your blog.
  • Treat your blog like a business: If you plan on making money through blogging, you have to treat your blog like you would any other business. What I mean is, be disciplined, set aside a certain time everyday for blogging and promoting your blog, then stick to it like a work schedule.
These are just a few things for you to try. But the main thing I want you to remember is you just have to remain patient. No matter how slow it is right now, if you believe in yourself and just keep blogging the traffic will eventually start to pour in. So keep up the good work, keep on blogging, and good luck!

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