When a person likes a website or blog, they will usually come back or even tell other people what they liked about it.

This is a good thing for people building a blog because visitors are an important part of making money with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. Without visitors there would be nobody to click your AdSense ads.

So I like to make it easy for people to return to my blogs. I put bookmarking buttons at the bottom of each one of my posts, by placing code in my blog's template.

Not everybody likes to mess with the HTML on their blog. An easier way to add a bookmark button to your blog is...

  • Go to www.addthis.com
  • Select your service
  • Select a button style
  • Decide if you want analytics for your button
  • Then "Click" Get Your Button
If you are using Blogger.com, just click "Add To Sidebar". I would recommend placing it close to the top of your blog, under the heading "Bookmark This Blog", or something along those lines.

Make sure to come back for the last few days of the "Build A Blog Workshop". Keep up the good work!

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