There is really only one way to increase your blog's Page Rank, and that is by getting backlinks to your blog. Luckily there is more than just one way to do that.

This is a topic we have discussed before in "Building Backlinks To Your Blog" which was the 14th post in this month's "Build A Blog Workshop".

Even though this isn't the most important part of building a successful blog, it is definitely something that you should work on. By having a high Page Rank you can earn more money from advertisers.

The easiest way to build your Page Rank would be the natural way. Which means people visit your blog and like what they read enough to link back to your blog from their site. The only way you can have an impact on this is by writing good quality content. Hopefully you are already doing this.

Another way is by asking people to exchange links with you. Look around and find other websites and blogs that are on the same topic as your blog. When you find some that are worth linking to, offer to exchange links with them. (You post their link on your blog, and they put your link on theirs)

Or you could try placing a code with your link in it, on your blog that asks people to link to you by posting the code on their site. You might not get a ton of back-links this way, but every link counts.

There are only a couple of days left for the "Build A Blog Workshop", so check back everyday for more helpful tips. Until then, keep at it and good luck!

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