Today for the Build A Blog Workshop, we are going to monetize your RSS Feed. To set up Google AdSense on your Feed is so easy to do, it would be crazy not to.

The first thing your going to do is:
  • Go to and log into your Google account.
  • Then click on AdSense Set Up, which is the second tab over.
  • Next go down and click on AdSense For Feeds.
  • This is where you pick your Ad Type. Your options are Text/Image ads, Text Ads Only, or Image Ads Only. (I use text ads only)
  • After that choose your Frequency. Do you want AdSense on each feed item, every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th feed item. (I have AdSense on every feed item)
  • Now choose the Post Length. AdSense Ads can be shown on Posts of any length, Posts longer than approximately 50 words, Posts longer than approximately 100 words, Posts longer than approximately 250 words, or Posts longer than approximately 500 words. (I have them show up on Posts of any length)
  • Here you select the ad Position. Where do you want the AdSense ads? At the bottom of the feed or At the top of the feed. (I recommend At the top of the feed)
  • For the Colors. Either Allow AdSense to optimize feed ad color choices automatically, or .
  • Last, for your ad Channels, click on Create new channel and give it a name. When you are done with that click Save.
Now your Feed posts are monetized with Google AdSense. More people than you might think subscribe to RSS Feeds, so it only makes sense to have AdSense in your posts.

For tomorrows Build A Blog Workshop we will discuss how to submit your blog to the major search engines. Until then, keep working at it and as always, good luck!

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