Now that your blog has been monetized with Google AdSense and you have submitted it to the search engines, one of the most important things you can do is track your results.

Even though you may not see a flood of traffic right away, it is crucial to know what your visitors do when they are visiting your blog.

The best way to do this is with Google's free Analytics Tool. This tool shows you everything you need to know about your blog on the web. You can see where your traffic comes from, what keywords they use to find your blog, and even which search engine they used to find your blog with.

To get signed up, first go to and click the link that says Sign Up Now.
  • What you want to do first is Add A New Website Profile. 
  • Then type in your blog URL and click Finish.
  • After that it will tell you to Copy the following code, then paste it onto every page you want to track immediately before the </body> tag. For instructions click where it says learn more.
Blogger makes it easy for you to do this.
  • Just go to your Dashboard.
  • Then to Layout.
  • Now to the Edit HTML tab.
Make sure to download your blog template before you do anything at all. That way if you mess it up you can just reload it and there is no harm done.

Google Analytics is great for trying out different ad colors and placements, it's always good to know if a change that you made does better or worse after you make it. In the future when the traffic starts pouring in, this will be a great way to test these things.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for the next "Build A Blog Workshop" where I will teach you how to submit your blog to the social bookmarking sites. Until then keep working smart not hard and as always, good luck!

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