If you have been blogging for a while then you know that sometimes it can be hard to come up ideas for blog posts.

I have a couple of tips that will help you to keep your blog ideas flowing.

After about 6 months of blogging I had run into a wall, I was finding it hard to come up with ideas for new blog posts.

Some days I would have a million topics running through my head, and then when I would sit down at my laptop I would draw a blank.

Here are 3 idea generating tips that I still use to this day to creat new posts;

  • Carry a small note-pad and pen. This way when you have those great post ideas pumping through your brain, you can write them down for later.
  • See what others are blogging about. Visiting other blogs in your niche is a great way to keep up with your competition and get some good blog post ideas. (Don't ever copy another persons post)
  • Look at your old posts. Go through the posts you have written in the past, and do a part 2, or a part 3 to a previously written post. (Or do a whole series of posts on a certain topic)
These 3 things have helped me to keep creating fresh new content for my blogs, and I am sure they will help you too. Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by the Bloogle AdSense Blog. Remember to keep working at it, and as always, good luck!

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