No matter what your blog's topic is, Google Analytics can help you to get more traffic.

Every single day of the week, I like to check my Google Analytics stats for the previous day. Google Analytics is my favorite blogging tool.

You can use Google Analytics to get all kinds of different information about your blog. You can use it to see;

  • How many visits your blog received on a certain day.
  • Which visits were unique visitors. (First time visitors)
  • The search engine your visitors found you in.
  • What keywords are being used to find your blog.
  • See what blog posts get the most traffic.
I like to use this information to help me to get more traffic to my blog. The way I do this is, I look at the different keywords and keyword phrases that my blog shows up for in the search engines.

Then I take one of those keyword phrases that I am not getting a lot of visits for, mabey one or two visits a week, then I write a couple of posts using those certain keywords.

The reason I focus on the keywords that I don't get a ton of visits for, is because that shows me that my blog pops up for these keyword phrases at least sometimes. If I write more blog posts using those certain keywords, I will start showing up in the search results a lot more for those keywords. Which of course will get me more traffic to my blog.

Hopefully this will give you a new way to get more traffic to your blog as well. Let me know what you think, be sure to leave a comment.

Keep posting often, and until next time, good luck!

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